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January 2007
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The God Cerridwen [userpic]

Spoiler for the end of Final Fantasy XII with icon number six. I'm not fantastically awesome at making icons and I'm not big on messing with the colors much so don't expect anything horribly fancy. Also, if you want any of the icons without text, just ask.

4 DMFA (Abel[3], Dan[1])
1 Final Fantasy IX
9 Final Fantasy XII (Al-Cid[1], Balthier [2], Basch[4], Crow[1], Reks[1], etc.)

(Fake cut to journal)

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The God Cerridwen [userpic]

First entry to the community as well. Go figure. XP

(Fake cuts are all the rage)

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sock [userpic]

Welcome to the new DMFA LJ community. I'm the maintainer, Sockmonk, and the other maintainer is angstyemotears who will be there to enforce the rules and answer questions, as will I. If you have any questions about the community, feel free to ask one of us. And for those of you who don't know what DMFA is, you can find it and everything about it here, though it may be a little hard to catch up right now.

Seeing there wasn't already a DMFA community, I immediently jumped on this opportunity. So, feel free to join if you like DMFA! And remember to have fun *thumbs up*

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